Rico Vega – Horny Daddy Vibes

Rico Vega is super horned and ready to strip down to show off what’s hiding his tight white briefs in this vintage-inspired shoot. He teases his big cock, packed in the fabric, until it is straining and desperate to be let out. Precum drips from the end of his veiny, thick piece of uncut meat, which he uses to slick up his head. Flipping over on his stomach, he enjoys an anonymous rimming by the camera assistant, which drives Rico wild.

Nicholas Illuminated

Nicholas oils up his sculpted Adonis body from head to toe in preparation for his photo shoot. Stepping out onto the balcony, with the Barcelona night sky as a backdrop, his muscles glisten under the blue and gold lights that illuminate him. Nicholas’ hours of hard work at the gym really pay off in these photos. He looks stunning. Later, retreating inside, he moves around the bedroom while stripping down out of his gym clothes to finish the session off with more intimate shots.

Introducing Marc

Originally from Luxembourg, Marc has been living in Barcelona for a couple years now. He and I first started communicating about a collab around that time, but things never quite lined up for either of us. Fortunately, our schedules were in sync during my recent visit, and it was well worth the wait. Marc is broodingly handsome, with piercing blue bedroom eyes and a sexy beard on his square jaw. His furry chest and six-pack are perfect compliments to his tatts. But don’t let his intensity fool you. He’s got a playful, boyish energy and is quick with a friendly smile.

Introducing Oriol

Oriol is the quintessential Catalan man, at least in my book. Ruggedly handsome, he has the classic good looks of a northern Spaniard, with a full beautiful beard, piercing brown eyes, and sexy tatts adorning his muscular olive skin. I had approached him on Instagram about a collab together months ago, and we finally made it happen. He’s done a good amount of modeling, so he came to the sesh knowing how to showcase his body for the lens, plus he was super receptive to some of my crazy ideas. He’s a pro, and I can’t wait to collab together again.

Cesar Busts a Nut

Sometimes Grindr chats can lead to spontaneous and hot content creation. Cesar and I were chatting online while I was in Madrid. He had seen the link to my Instagram account on my Grindr profile and was very excited about the concept of a collab together. So we set up a last-minute sesh late that night. It is always great when someone approaches you where you are 100% on the same page as to what you want to create together. He was really keen to jackoff on video, so I set up my lights, and he got down to showing off.

Introducing Franco

Franco is a modeling virgin, outside of his selfies and producing sexy cel phone videos for his new OnlyFans account. He was super nervous and shy about the idea of getting naked on camera for a stranger, but within minutes he warmed up and demonstrated he has some serious instinctive skills on how to pose his body. This gallery showcases Franco stripping out of his briefs in the most creative way, using the sofa as a prop to balance his body.

Marc Spice – Shadowplay

One of the most magical things about my recent sessions in Barcelona was how perfectly the scheduling played out. The right guys were in the right place at the right time when it came to being inspired by the available natural light. OnlyFans model Marc Spice came by late afternoon, and I showed him the amazing patterned sunlight coming into the upstairs loft of my room. He was equally inspired by the drama of the shadows, and we both agreed to base the whole session around them. The hour-long shoot is broken down into two sessions, with these images representing the first half. The second revolves around him posing on the sofa and includes a sexy jackoff video.

Marc and I have been chatting for close to a year now, and it was great to finally connect and create together. He and I are very like-minded when it comes to visual aesthetic of the content we like to create. I predict there will be a lot more collabs in store in the near future.

Daniel Busquier

Daniel Busquier is an actor in Madrid who introduced himself on Instagram a couple months ago. I was immediately intrigued by the energy of his profile and let him know that I’d love to set something up on one of my Madrid trips. He had seen my recent collabs with our mutual buddy Alberto Collado, another stage actor in Madrid, and wanted some new photos to document his hard work at the gym and hours on stage dancing. Our schedules happened to line up perfectly for my recent trek to the city, so we set up our session the first afternoon I arrived.
Daniel was so much fun to create with. He has a natural ease about him, is great with his body and has a sexy, playful smile. This is the first of two galleries we did together, with the second rolling out at a future date.

Zeta – A True Muse

It’s rare as a photographer that I am fortunate enough to encounter a guy who has that indescribable ‘special something’ about him. A model where creativity flows both ways and magic happens from the first to the final frame. Where the chemistry is electric, and he gives his body 100% to the camera without hesitation. Someone I can call a ‘true muse’. Zeta is one of those rare guys, and he graced my camera during my recent visit to Barcelona. He’s a dancer and aerialist, which has given him a beautiful body to complement his handsome face. These images represent just one of seven unique concepts we covered in our hours together; bonding and building trust as he openly stripped down to tease the lens with his amazing uncut cock and perfect ass.

Zeta is also building his OnlyFans, and we’ve talked about organizing duos on our next get-together.


Edo’s second photo session, following his nudes in the ‘Illuminated’ series, features him in a tight pair of black briefs and nothing more. The sexy Spanish dancer poses sensually showing off his toned physique. He teases the camera lowering his underwear down inch by inch to show off more and more of his perky bubble butt. Once his briefs come off completely his uncut cock immediately stiffens and throbs as he gets turned on by being nude for the camera once again.