Top Monster Cock Destroys James Ash

James Ash and coach Top Monster Cock find themselves in the same hotel room after an away game due to a booking mixup. James has been horny for his coach’s big tool ever since he joined the football team, so he didn’t mind. His focus on the field is tough as coach’s huge bulge is always a distraction in those tight compression shorts. Coach has been equally horny for his star football player but had to keep his distance. Now is the perfect opportunity for the guys to give in to their desires when no one is around. After some heavy making out, James drops to his knees and pulls out that swollen dick, which is way bigger then he ever dreamed. He worships coach’s massive meat easily deep throating it repeatedly to the root. Top Monster cock throws James on the bed and begins eating that ripe boy-hole after shoving his sweaty briefs in Jame’s mouth. Things get very loud and very verbal as our athlete’s cheeks gets split in two by his horned up coach in every imaginable position. The duo were too horned up to bother taking their shoes off and the camera gets plenty of shots for sneaker lovers. After he can’t hold back any longer, coach pulls out and empties his balls on his star athletes back and ass cheeks.

Top Monster Cock – Football Kit Jack

Top Monster Cock was super horny before football practice. He had been thinking about the teammate he fucked in the locker room shower the night before after everyone left. His cock was stirring in his shorts demanding attention, and he knew if he didn’t take care of his needs, that big monster would be raging while out on the field. He tries to distract himself by pumping up the deflated soccer ball in his kit bag, but that didn’t do any good as it only made him hornier. He pulls out his raging big cock and strokes with his gloves on. That really gets him going and he beats off while imagining who on the team he might be fucking next. Kneeling in front of his window he busts a huge load on the floor getting some seed on his shorts. Satisfied, balls happy, he can get dressed and head out to practice with his sexy mates.

Lasan’s Huge Load

Lasan is a guy I found on a modelling website about a year ago shortly after moving to Spain. I knew I wanted to eventually make a trek up to London for collabs, though at that time I wasn’t sure exactly when. We at least got the conversation about working together going and every once in a while we would touch base. When I finally let him know my London trip was happening we scheduled a time for him to come by my hotel early one evening for his photo shoot.

Just as we were about to wrap the session Lasan revealed to me that he had been thinking of starting an OnlyFans but needed to build up content before launch. I asked if he wanted to get a solo video shot while we were at it. He was definitely down so I set out to document his amazing body, beautiful cock and big balls. He slowly teased himself with one hand and explored everywhere else with the other. When he couldn’t take it any longer he let me know he was going to blow. His cum shot was epic to say the least! He spattered his chin and the rest shot way past his head. I’m sure some of his spunk is still in the hotel curtains.

Introducing The X Menace

I contacted The Menace on Twitter a couple months before my London trip and lucky for me he was very eager to collab together. I was super stoked as I love the energy he has on camera. The Menace and I met at my hotel in Vauxhall, chatted about what we wanted to create together then got down to business. The first thing that struck me before he got undressed was his infectious smile and playful energy. Once we cracked a few jokes I knew things were going to be fun. As he slowly stripped down to show off his amazing bod and beautiful cock I couldn’t resist cracking him up and had to force myself to stay focused on the task at hand. He was super creative and collaborative and this initial gallery represents the first of three that will be rolling out over the coming months. Stay tuned for more of this sexy lad!

Brandon Dylann Tops Aniello

As Aniello and I were wrapping up his solo photo session my phone buzzed to let me know his scene mate had arrived at my hotel. I excused myself and went down to meet Brandon Dylan in the lobby. Back in the room the guys got to know each other a bit before getting down to business. I told them I had some set images I wanted to create before we got down to filming. This is usually a great way for the guys to break the ice with each other, but it was immediately evident that there was some major chemistry happening. These guys went from zero to 60 in a matter of minutes, starting off with some passionate kissing and then immediately revving up the action Aniello hungrily slobbered over Brandon’s stiff cock teasing the foreskin with his tongue. Brandon flips his new buddy over doggy style and spits on his hole before chewing down like a champ. The guys fuck like animals in a number of different positions before the each spill their loads.

Introducing Aniello

Aniello and I had been chatting in advance of my London trip after I approached him online about doing a photo collab. His Instagram profile popped up randomly one day and was taken by his bright eyes, sexy smile and amazing bod. I later discovered his hotter content on Twitter from his OnlyFans. After mentioning I was wanting to also create explicit content while in the city, I asked if he’d be interested. He was totally down for a duo so that content will be rolling out next. Stay tuned it is super hot! Aniello came by an hour before his scene partner arrived and we got to know each other a bit more while he worked in front of the camera. Definitely eager to collaborate together again next time I’m in London.

Antonio Gets Naked

Sexy blond twink Antonio hit me up on Instagram while I was in Madrid last month saying he wanted to do a collab. That day I was originally fully booked, but due to a couple cancellations I was able to spontaneously arrange something with him. The session was really fast and a lot of fun. He has a great playful energy, sexy body and beautiful long uncut dick. You’ll definitely want to check out his nudes!

Kevin Purple Series

Every once in a while a guy hits me up on Grindr wanting to do a collab after seeing my work. Kevin was one of those guys. He messaged me one morning as I was getting ready to check out of my hotel and have lunch before my train. His place was literally a block a way so I figured what the hell, I’ll trek over and see what we come up with. So happy I did as this session wound up being one of the highlights of my trip. Love it when the universe lines me up with such a great model.