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For the past year I’ve wanted to create a space for those interested in viewing my complete collection of male nudes and get away from using a standard fan site. To me those platforms really aren’t user friendly for sorting and showcasing content. Finally after months of hard work The Male Muse Xclusive is here!

Your membership support will help me continue my passion for capturing the beauty of the male form.

Joining gives you Xclusive access to content not available on my main site or featured on JustForFans. Included are over 100 high resolution galleries of my ever growing collection of erotic male nude photography as well as my new video content. I’ve been pushing my boundaries as a photographer with many ideas too steamy for my main site, so those subjects will only be featured here.

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– Mark Alan

NEW SERIESNarcissus (Mirror Studies)

I’ve organized a new series of images revolving around capturing men and their reflections which I am calling “Narcissus”. Whenever I have the opportunity to work with mirrors I love the challenge of creating captivating compositions of my subjects and the reflected shape of their bodies.


These are from my series of Polaroid emulsion transfers done in the early 2000s.

A emulsion transfer is a form of image manipulation where I shot the original photo on a Polaroid and then transferred the image onto fine art watercolor paper. How this is accomplished is by trimming the white edges off of the Polaroid frame, then boiling the print to lift and separate the top layer (emulsion layer) from a Polaroid and placing as I like on the new surface. Some of the images I left fairly true to their original size and representation of the image, while others I enlarged and spread out the emulsion to make a more surreal final product. This process makes each of these a one of a kind unique piece of art.


While video isn’t the main focus of my work, every once in a while a guy gets pretty turned on during a session and wants to bust a nut. I’ve also been doing more collabs with OnlyFans models so I’m sharing that content here as well.


Included inside are a number of ongoing photo series beyond my standard muse sessions. ‘Junk Shots‘ is a study of the male phallus, transforming each into their own work of art. Bodyscapes‘ further expands the concept with experiments of light and shadow on the male form.

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