Vinchenso – Studio

Vinchenso’s background as a professional dancer means he has an expert command over how to express himself with his body. His debut session at The Male Muse showcases him improvising moves, flowing naturally between strong masculine poses and softer and more delicate ones, inspired by his years of flamenco. During the session, Vinchenso strips out of his briefs to gracefully dance nude, wrapping things up with some beautiful poses where he shows off his sexy feet.


Rainer is a physiotherapist, yoga teacher, and masseuse specializing in tantric energy work. Originally from Estonia, he now lives and works in Berlin with his own successful practice. Rainer also does modeling on the side for fun and he’s got a super playful energy on camera. He and Mark at The Male Muse crossed paths while at a yoga retreat on Gran Canaria in Spain and really hit it off. A follow-up session in Berlin is in the works for late summer.


Vinchenso – Introducing

Vinchenso is a professional dancer living in Madrid who is continuously working on stage in a number of productions, large and small. He’s been dancing flamenco since he was six years old, so he really has expert command over how to express himself with his body. His debut session at The Male Muse will be divided up into multiple galleries, beginning with some candid images taken after his official session ended. The final galleries will come later, featuring figure studies of Vinchenso dancing nude in studio.

Zeta – Illuminated

Zeta returns for another sexy photo shoot, this time for part of the ‘Illuminated’ series at the Male Muse. As always, this natural-born muse inspires the camera with his beautifully sculpted dancer’s body and sensual moves. The room is hot, and Zeta gets a little horned up, coaxing his thick, uncut dick to life and teasing and big, low hanging balls. This session went further than any of his previous ones, as that building horniness led to him really needing to bust a nut.

Ivan Figuera – Illuminated

Professional dancer Ivan Figueroa wraps up his photo session showing off his moves for part of the Illuminated Series. The sexy Spaniard poses up and down an empty hallway, improvising for the camera. The colored lights highlight his athletic body, casting soft shades across his olive complexion. Ivan has beautiful, piercing eyes that will stop you in your tracks, complimented by a chiseled jaw covered in a thick beard. The man oozes seductive confidence but is also super playful and quick with a smile.

Ivan Figueroa: Illuminated

Rico Vega – Illuminated

Porn star Rico Vega struts around the hotel room in nothing but his gym socks. He admits to being super horned up as he teases his big, uncut cock while fantasizing about a really hot hookup he had recently. Precum drips from the end of his veiny, thick piece of meat, which he uses to slick up his head while he poses. He flexes to show of his biceps and sweaty pits, then turns around to showcase his juicy bubble butt.

Nicholas – Showertime

After showing off his beautifully sculpted body in the first half of his photo shoot, Nicholas retreats to the shower to rinse off the baby oil glistening on his skin. Nicholas’ hours of hard work at the gym really pay off in these photos. After posing a little in front of the mirror, he slips into the shower and teases the camera with the water cascading beautifully across his abs and biceps.

Nicholas: Shower Time
Marc: Illuminated

Adrian V – Illuminated

Adrian V is a sexy twenty-something twink from the suburbs of Madrid. He came to his photo shoot after a quick workout at the gym, his skin glistening with sweat and emitting a hint of musk. After posing in his sweats and gym clothes, which comprise his first gallery, he slipped into his favorite pair of fetish undies with an easy-access front pouch and open rear. Don’t let his boyish looks fool you. He’s got a very deep masculine voice, a strong kinky side, and loves to show off his pretty, uncut cock, which leaks a nice amount of precum.

Marc: Illuminated

Franco – Bedtime Story

Franco returns to The Male Muse Xclusive to strip down and get ready for bed. This time around, he’s much more comfortable being naked on camera and really enjoys ramping up the erotic vibes of how he expresses himself. He sensually teases the camera, playing with his nipples, feet and beautiful, hairy armpits. Then he flips over and goes doggy style to show off his perfect ass and pretty hole. He confesses that next time around he’d love to be paired up with another guy. Stay tuned to see what happens.

Marc: Illuminated