Zeta – A True Muse

It’s rare as a photographer that I am fortunate enough to encounter a guy who has that indescribable ‘special something’ about him. A model where creativity flows both ways and magic happens from the first to the final frame. Where the chemistry is electric, and he gives his body 100% to the camera without hesitation. Someone I can call a ‘true muse’. Zeta is one of those rare guys, and he graced my camera during my recent visit to Barcelona. He’s a dancer and aerialist, which has given him a beautiful body to complement his handsome face. These images represent just one of seven unique concepts we covered in our hours together; bonding and building trust as he openly stripped down to tease the lens with his amazing uncut cock and perfect ass.

Zeta is also building his OnlyFans, and we’ve talked about organizing duos on our next get-together.