Lasan’s Huge Load

Lasan is a guy I found on a modelling website about a year ago shortly after moving to Spain. I knew I wanted to eventually make a trek up to London for collabs, though at that time I wasn’t sure exactly when. We at least got the conversation about working together going and every once in a while we would touch base. When I finally let him know my London trip was happening we scheduled a time for him to come by my hotel early one evening for his photo shoot.

Just as we were about to wrap the session Lasan revealed to me that he had been thinking of starting an OnlyFans but needed to build up content before launch. I asked if he wanted to get a solo video shot while we were at it. He was definitely down so I set out to document his amazing body, beautiful cock and big balls. He slowly teased himself with one hand and explored everywhere else with the other. When he couldn’t take it any longer he let me know he was going to blow. His cum shot was epic to say the least! He spattered his chin and the rest shot way past his head. I’m sure some of his spunk is still in the hotel curtains.