Brandon Dylann Tops Aniello

As Aniello and I were wrapping up his solo photo session my phone buzzed to let me know his scene mate had arrived at my hotel. I excused myself and went down to meet Brandon Dylan in the lobby. Back in the room the guys got to know each other a bit before getting down to business. I told them I had some set images I wanted to create before we got down to filming. This is usually a great way for the guys to break the ice with each other, but it was immediately evident that there was some major chemistry happening. These guys went from zero to 60 in a matter of minutes, starting off with some passionate kissing and then immediately revving up the action Aniello hungrily slobbered over Brandon’s stiff cock teasing the foreskin with his tongue. Brandon flips his new buddy over doggy style and spits on his hole before chewing down like a champ. The guys fuck like animals in a number of different positions before the each spill their loads.