Originally from Germany, Florian was passing through Sevilla while on a six month journey around Europe driving in his van. We connected on Instagram and managed to squeeze in some photos in MarŪa Luisa park before he hit the road. He didn’t have time to come to the studio for a nude shoot, but it didn’t matter as I really enjoyed capturing him with elements of nature as a backdrop.


I had the pleasure of meeting Payo when Ivan Hard brought him along to be part of my final shoot while visiting Madrid, which I wound up calling Tres Amigos. We were very tight on time that morning as there was a little over an hour for us to create our main shoot, but I managed to get a handful of images of Payo before we officially started. Hoping to work with him again on a return trip to Madrid as we swapped some fun ideas for a followup session.

Alberto Collado

I had been chatting with Alberto for at least six months about doing a shoot together. He had approached me on Instagram after working with his good friend Ivan Hard during one of my Barcelona trips saying he’d really love a collab. Alberto is an accomplished Spanish actor living in Madrid, but this was his first time ever modeling for a photographer. Our session gave us plenty of time to get to know one another, and regardless of lack of experience posing, he instinctively brought a lot to the table. I’m super pleased with how things turned out and can’t wait to work with him again.

You can also see Alberto as part of the Tres Amigos series, which we shot a couple days later with Ivan Hard and Payo.

Tres Amigos

These three Spanish buddies came by a quick photo shoot the last couple hours I had before checking out of my hotel in Madrid. The whole thing was very fast paced and super fun and the energy they all brought that day was amazing! My only regret was not having more time with them. I’m chatting with each of them to get another session together later this month when I return to Madrid. Stay tuned for that!

Enrique – Gallery One

Some sessions are epic from the first frame and Enrique was definitely one of them. I’ve been on a streak connecting with guys just passing through Sevilla on vacation, and Enrique was one of them. Both our schedules lined up for the final day he was in the city. He had never modeled before but he is definitely a natural. We covered so much ground in the hour or two we had together that it was really hard to decide what images to edit as finalists to post.

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New Fetish Section Now Online

Over the past year Iíve been expanding the subject matter for my work, including my interest in fetish and kink. Some are things that I know turn me, while others I approach with voyeuristic fascination wanting to know more. Since I didnít think these images really had a place on my main site, I held them back for later use. Now they are making their debut on The Male Muse Xclusive! Hope you enjoy them alongside the rest of my work.

Adrian – Blue Boy

Adrian returns for another shoot, giving me another chance to explore his amazing physique for my bodyscapes series. He’s always a great collaboration partner as he’s very patient with me as I experiment with sculpting him in varying levels of colored light. This time around he surprised me by saying he wants to start an OnlyFans and wanted to include a solo video to our session. I’m really proud of the results and excited to share here. Stay tuned for that as it will be up in the coming days.