Author: pixguy

Top Monster Cock – Football Kit Jack

Top Monster Cock was super horny before football practice. He had been thinking about the teammate he fucked in the locker room shower the night before after everyone left. His cock was stirring in his shorts demanding attention, and he knew if he didn’t take care of his needs, that big monster would be raging […]

Lasan’s Huge Load

Lasan is a guy I found on a modelling website about a year ago shortly after moving to Spain. I knew I wanted to eventually make a trek up to London for collabs, though at that time I wasn’t sure exactly when. We at least got the conversation about working together going and every once […]

Introducing The X Menace

I contacted The Menace on Twitter a couple months before my London trip and lucky for me he was very eager to collab together. I was super stoked as I love the energy he has on camera. The Menace and I met at my hotel in Vauxhall, chatted about what we wanted to create together […]

Brandon Dylann Tops Aniello

As Aniello and I were wrapping up his solo photo session my phone buzzed to let me know his scene mate had arrived at my hotel. I excused myself and went down to meet Brandon Dylan in the lobby. Back in the room the guys got to know each other a bit before getting down […]

Introducing Aniello

Aniello and I had been chatting in advance of my London trip after I approached him online about doing a photo collab. His Instagram profile popped up randomly one day and was taken by his bright eyes, sexy smile and amazing bod. I later discovered his hotter content on Twitter from his OnlyFans. After mentioning […]

Antonio Gets Naked

Sexy blond twink Antonio hit me up on Instagram while I was in Madrid last month saying he wanted to do a collab. That day I was originally fully booked, but due to a couple cancellations I was able to spontaneously arrange something with him. The session was really fast and a lot of fun. […]

Friends with Benefits

Met these two horny Spanish buddies recently in town and had the pleasure of being invited to collab with them on a shoot to document an intimate, sweaty afternoon between them. Once again I opted to keep the moment completely organic rather than requesting them to give me a handful of typical porn-like sex poses. […]

Kevin Purple Series

Every once in a while a guy hits me up on Grindr wanting to do a collab after seeing my work. Kevin was one of those guys. He messaged me one morning as I was getting ready to check out of my hotel and have lunch before my train. His place was literally a block […]

Madrid Lovers

I had the pleasure of meeting these guys while up in Madrid. They contacted me on IG wanting to hire me to capture them while in bed together. Really had a great time branching out into more ways of expressing myself in an artistic/explicit manner. Thanks guys!